Launch applications from your keyboard using keywords


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KeyBreeze lets you launch applications, open files or folders, and access websites without having to take your fingers off the keyboard. By just typing a series of keywords you can open any program that appears in the Start menu.

KeyBreeze displays a small text box in the system tray where you can type the commands that the program will perform. Right-click on the application's icon to open up the options menu.

Select 'command list' in this menu to learn about the words and expressions that Keybreeze knows how to interpret. For example: type 'utorrent' to access the BitTorrent client or 'word' to launch Microsoft Word. The default shortcut for launching an application is the comma key, although you can change that if desired.

But there's even more, since KeyBreeze lets you run commands to shut off the computer, check RAM memory usage, etc. It also has a tool for generating macros and a small system for Post-it–style notes.
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